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Solid wood made to measure

Timeless beauty, durability and individuality


The tables from The Big Table Studio are all made of solid wood and are therefore characterised by their durability and quality. Solid wood tables are made from a renewable raw material. Trees (wood) bind CO2 as they grow and therefore contribute to cleaner air. We donate a tree after every table sold. As a producer and retailer of tables, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment.

Solid wood is the most natural form of wood!

Solid wood are pieces of wood that are sawn as a whole from a log. They consist of a naturally grown, continuous piece of wood. These boards are dried in the air and later dried in the drying kiln to the required moisture content depending on the intended use.

Solid wood, refers to wooden products that are made from a single piece of wood, without the use of plywood, fibreboard or other wood-based materials. This means that the table is made to measure from a solid plank of wood or several individual planks of wood, rather than from glued or laminated pieces of wood.

The wooden boards are sawn into strips and planed in our own joinery. In accordance with the wood rules, which are intended to prevent warping or cracking, the individual wooden planks are put together, taking into account a harmonious appearance. The appearance of the finished table is already decided at this point. The sorted strips are then glued together to form table tops, cut to the desired size and sanded to thickness.



Solid wood shows the natural grain, colour and texture of the wood in its full splendour, resulting in an appealing and warm appearance.


Solid wood furniture is often more durable & resistant to wear and tear compared to furniture made of wood-based materials.


With the right care, solid wood tables can transform the natural changes into unique features and retain their rustic charm.