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Terms and conditions for sales and delivery

These terms and conditions for sales and delivery are binding. Alternative conditions by customers / purchasers shall only be valid if they have been accepted by The Big Table Studio S.L.U explicitly and in writing. These conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted upon any ordering of goods. Any arrangements and lawfully relevant declarations by customers / purchasers shall only be valid in writing.

Quotation and Conclusion of Contract
Customers undertake to purchase the listed article/s upon signature of this order form. The sales contract shall be concluded when the listed articles are handed over to the purchaser. In this case the form shall be accepted as invoice and/or receipt, respectively.

Prices are inclusive of value added tax. The prices are calculated ex warehouse. Should cost increases become effective between the date of signature and fulfilment of contract (e.g. taxes, transport expenses and freight costs of third parties, including customs duties, increases in import and export fees) or if new public charges or taxes are introduced, The Big Table Studio S.L.U shall be entitled to adjust prices accordingly.

Terms of Payment
Purchases are generally payable upon delivery in cash or by means of credit card. Customers are required to pay a deposit of 50% of the purchase price for articles not available from the stock of The Big Table Studio S.L.U or which need to be imported in advance or have to be manufactured. The outstanding balance is payable immediately upon delivery. The place of performance shall always be the place of business of The Big Table Studio S.L.U. in Palma de Mallorca. Should any customer rescind a contract after placing an order, The Big Table Studio S.L.U shall be entitled to retain the deposit as compensation.

Reservation of Proprietary Rights
All proprietary rights to any goods delivered shall be reserved by The Big Table Studio S.L.U. until final settlement of all claims by The Big Table Studio S.L.U. against a customer for any outstanding amounts or any other claims arising from the contract.

Cancellation of Contract
Cancellation of any contract by a customer is only permissible if the ordered article cannot be delivered three months after the prospective delivery date and notwithstanding written demand by the customer. (Exceptions shall apply to all cases of force majeure (listed in detail under clause 7). The cancellation shall only be valid in respect of the delayed article/s. Other grounds for reclamation of deposits shall not be acceptable.  Any cancellation shall be declared in writing.

The Big Table Studio S.L.U shall refund the deposit paid by the customer immediately upon any such declaration of cancellation. The reimbursement shall effectively conclude the cancellation.

Terms of Delivery

The dispatch and delivery dates indicated by The Big Table Studio S.L.U shall be deemed to be approximate and non-binding, unless they have been accepted to be binding explicitly and in writing. In case of force majeure and other unforeseen events (e.g. war, pandemic, bans on imports and/or exports, natural disasters, industrial action, lockouts, regulatory action etc) which affect the The Big Table Studio S.L.U, suppliers or distribution partners, Cas The Big Table Studio S.L.U a Lima Concept Store S.L. shall be entitled to postpone the delivery date reasonably or to cancel the contract partially or completely, provided that it has not yet been executed. Should the delivery period be extended or Casa Lima Concept Store S.L. be released from the delivery commitment, customers are not entitled to deduce any claim for damages arising thus.

Customers have to inspect the purchased articles immediately upon delivery. If purchases are defect The Big Table Studio S.L.U must be notified promptly and in writing, but latest within 3 days of delivery. Should a customer fail to report a claim, the article/s shall be deemed to be approved, unless the relevant defects were not noticeable during a conventional inspection.

Defects of parts of a delivery may not lead to the reclamation of the whole consignment, provided that the remainder is suitable for use by the customer. The onus of proof that the remainder of the consignment is not useable lies solely with the customer.

In case of a valid claim the customer may demand delivery of replacement of the deficient goods free of charge. He/she is only entitled to rescission of the sale or a markdown if the substitute delivery has failed. Any return or exchange of goods requires the prior written consent of The Big Table Studio S.L.U. Credit notes for goods returned shall only be issued if the goods are undamaged. In case of valid claims The Big Table Studio S.L.U shall have the option, firstly to amendment or replacement versus return of the rejected goods. The customer may only reduce the purchase price to an appropriate extent if amendment and replacement is impossible.

Warranty and/or liability regarding Defects
Articles sold by The Big Table Studio S.L.U. are usually made from wood, stone or metal. Customers acknowledge that they have been advised by The Big Table Studio S.L.U. that the material from which the ordered articles have been manufactured, has often been exposed to weather and may warp, particularly in case of wood. Any liability for such cracks in wood or for other negligible damages is therefore excluded. However, any articles having sustained more than minor damage during transport shall be taken back and replaced by The Big Table Studio S.L.U in case of  punctual notification of defects. The abovementioned terms of delivery are applicable mutatis mutandis for replacement of damaged goods.

Any liability for damages caused by defective products (incl. product liability) is expressly excluded.

Data capture
The Big Table Studio S.L.U is entitled to capture and process the data contained in data storage facilities in connection with the execution of transactions and deliveries.

Legal domicile and jurisdiction
The legal domicile in respect of customers and The Big Table Studio S.L.U shall be Palma de Mallorca. However, The Big Table Studio S.L.U shall also be entitled to prosecute customers at their place of residence. The legal relationship is subject to Spanish legislation.