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Unique pieces of nature

Unique pieces with a natural shape


Unique pieces

A table top made from a tree slab is cut from the trunk in one piece. These tables made from a slab retain their natural shape and are characterised by their organic and flowing forms, which are directly inspired by nature.

‌These tree slices make each table a unique piece with an unmistakable grain.

The Big Table Studio offers a large selection of unique pieces made of different types of wood in different sizes in stock and can be viewed in our showroom or warehouse and are available for quick delivery.


Wooden tables with a natural edge, also known as a tree edge, are tables that retain the natural shape of the tree. Instead of cutting the edges of the wood straight, they are left as they have grown in the tree. This creates a natural look in which the grain and bark of the tree are visible.

With a table with a natural edge, also known as a tree edge, the outer edges remain in their curved, natural state. The table tops are glued together as usual from several pieces of plank, the natural longitudinal growth form of the tree is retained.

It is important to note that the edges may be uneven due to the natural shape of the wood.

Due to their natural growth, the tree edge boards can be selected with slightly or strongly pronounced edges.

Tables with a natural edge can be made from different types of wood. We offer you a wide selection of woods. Take a look at our wood dictionary to find out more about the types of wood  Wood dictionary